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"Live loudly, experiment boldly, create freely... because... You deserve what you desire... Mee ya!” (Do it!)

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ShamisoFoods & Me


Wellington Onyenwe continues to rise as a chef visionary and sensation across Los Angeles, San Francisco/Bay Area and most recently Atlanta, Georgia! A graduate of Molecular Toxicology and Food Additives at the University of California-Berkeley, Mr. Onyenwe literally knows food down to the molecule. Under apprenticeship of many culinary experts, including Chef Thomas Schaefer, renowned German chef, he has honed his skills to create delectable culinary cuisines that satisfy the hearts and stomachs of those he delightedly serves!
      Mr. Onyenwe has worked alongside phenomenal chefs and culinary aficionados of Chez Panisse, Yoshi's SF/Oakland, L'Ermitage Five Star Hotel/Restaurant Beverly Hills, to name a few, and continues to partner with private catering companies to the stars! Now, with his own company ShamisoFoods, he is showcasing his expertise and experiences to both small private soirees and large concert crowds (ask about the Nigerian Suya!). Specializing in Italian, North American, West African and French cuisines, his unique approach allows for liberating creativity as he combines multiple culinary cultures into a spectacular experience!  His line of specialized spice blends and unique take on cuisines are already making waves in Atlanta pop-up shops, festivals and the Atlanta Underground Market! Get ready for a memorable experience, because “You deserve, what you desire… Mee ya!” (“Do it!”)

Read the full biography courtesy of Author Corinne Kocher & Photographer Bailey Garrot from Shared-Plates ATL!